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Our MAXOLUTION® services for the automotive industry are designed to give you the best possible support as you work to meet your requirements and ensure the success of your projects for the long term. We have been working closely with our customers for more than 20 years to continuously improve our MAXOLUTION® services for the automotive sector and achieve these aims.

Your benefits

  • Everything from a single source

    The entire control and drive system from the stationary control level to controls and sensors on the vehicles.
  • Planning certainty and risk minimization

    Thanks to a certified project team, simulation and emulation using MOVIVISION®, startup, production support and project approval
  • Perfectly coordinated for your production needs

    The modular systems are integrated into your plant using our flexible MOVIVISION® software solutions
  • Data transparency and high plant availability

    Thanks to intelligent DriveRadar® software solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Stay one step ahead of the error!

MAXOLUTION® services along the entire system life cycle

  • Analysis, review and concept development
  • Customer-specific and solution-specific consulting based on sophisticated system expertise and logistics consulting and logistics planning
  • Customer-focused project management – we believe that guiding a project to success depends on support, organization and coordination from project managers who are accredited in line with international guidelines
  • Configuration and project-specific modification of technology modules to suit your requirements
  • Energy consulting, energy installation and energy infrastructure design tailored to the relevant process
  • Safety service, including standardized safety acceptance tests
  • Project engineering and system engineering
  • Software programming, system integration and system documentation
  • Process simulation, visualization (augmented reality), for example a simulation package for starting up customer IT interfaces
  • Emulation in all processes from configuration through dynamic driving maneuvers to load handling
  • Virtual startup (virtual reality) ensures the reliability of real processes based on virtual start-of-production, a shorter startup phase and an early interface test. It also includes the digital twin, which supports advance planning, the documentation of product history, optimized service, proof of performance, controlling and the results log for the requirements that have been set.
  • Installation and startup for high-quality execution thanks to skilled contacts and our 24/7 hotline, validations, functional safety and safety acceptance.
  • Smart services are designed to support production in your smart factory. Networking and digitization of smart products and solutions as a basis for the smart app
  • Installed Base Management for adequate support in the operational phase, e.g. 24/7 hotline, spare parts management via smart app, training, DriveRadar® solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, upgrades
  • Retrofit
  • Worldwide availability thanks to global networks and delivery logistics
  • Training courses and seminars are available for all user groups from our MAXOLUTION® experts

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