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    Head office and assembly facility

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    Technical-Training Centre and Sales Office

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    Sales office

SEW-EURODRIVE Polska is the Polish branch of the world's largest manufacturer in the sector of drive technology, offering: gearmotors, frequency inverters, servomotors, decentralised drive systems and industrial gear units.

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Advice and quick support network

The Polish branch of the company was established in 1996, with its head office and assembly facilities located in Łódź. Dynamic growth of our business has enabled us to open technical centres all over Poland: in Tychy, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Radom and Rzeszów – which means that we are always near our customers.

We establish new, higher standards, which is evidenced by the construction of the company's modern head office, implementation of the SAP CRM (customer relationship management) system, as well as modernisation and optimisation of our assembly processes – WIEPROconsulting.

Development is our priority, which is why we have decided to extend the range of our services by engineering training sessions dedicated to SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology, as well as soft-skill training focusing on management, Microsoft Office skills and Business English.

SEW-EURODRIVE Polska has received the Quality of the Year award in the services category. The award was granted for our maintenance services: CDM® - Complete Drive Management, used for comprehensive management of repair and maintenance services in the scope of drive technology and electronic control systems, and CDS® Complete Drive Service - a comprehensive system of repair and maintenance services dedicated to SEW-EURODRIVE products.

The international nature of SEW-EURODRIVE allows us to ensure uniform quality standards and to benefit from a global exchange of experience.