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Sustainability at SEW-EURODRIVE - #TheGreenSideOfDrive

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As a consequence of the current four megatrends - digitisation, deglobalisation, demographic changes and decarbonisation - sustainability is gaining importance. This results from the fact that the world is facing historic changes. Natural disasters appear more often than ever, economic, political and social crises affect people all over the world.

Companies have a responsibility to act and do what they can to slow down the effects of negative climate change. The current objective of the European Union - climatic neutrality until 2050 - has obliged companies to change their strategies and undertake new activities. For us this is an impulse to implement the Sustainability Strategy, intensify our activities with regards to the accomplishment of the Sustainability Goals outlined by the UN and invest comprehensively in the digitisation of processes and services.

Sustainability is not a new concept for us. For many years, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) aspects have been part of our activities, and now, due to legal requirements, we are further extending ecological and economic activities to care for the environment, the quality of life of present and future generations, as well as corporate governance and business ethics.Our investments in the Sustainability Strategy and digitisation allow us to introduce innovations in products, processes and services, through which we reduce our carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources. In this way, we are pursuing the Sustainability Goals, such as environmental protection, efficient use of natural resources or intergenerational solidarity.

In these activities we also include an additional element, Q - Quality, because high quality has always been, is and will continue to be something that sets us apart and ensures a long service life for our products. All these activities bring benefits to us, but above all, to our Clients and other Stakeholders.

At the same time, we design our drive technology and automation solutions to be as energy-efficient as possible. Thus we support our Clients in the implementation of solutions aimed at reducing the consumption of energy and emission of greenhouse gases, as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

This year we have already introduced several sustainable changes - we are doing away with paper manuals, equipping our offices with Airly meters that measure air quality or we work for the benefit of local communities.

Our employees, on the other hand, are encouraged to use water and paper towels in a rational way and to switch off unnecessarily lit lights.

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SEW-EURODRIVE Poland's Sustainability Report, which summarises our ESG activities for 2022 and identifies targets for the coming years.

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