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Technology update for established drive solutions

Sustainable innovation - for us this also means: We keep our established drive solutions technologically up to date for you. We increase your benefits in all aspects of product maintenance and optimization with continuous technology transfers from our development department. Quite systematically and often without additional costs. To maintain and increase the value of your investments.

A wave that seals

Shaft seals have been around for a long time and in many different types. However, our experts have thought about how we can improve shaft seals for you. And, our experts have come up with something.

Be one wavelength ahead now

Higher torque for gearboxes of the 7-series

In the course of minor optimizations and the utilization of known limits, we have adjusted the torques of the large gearboxes in our 7 series upwards.

Added value without additional costs

Lubricants suitable for your gearbox

The optimum lubricant for your high-quality gear - specially developed by SEW-EURODRIVE tribology experts

Reduce wear, extend service life

Turboboost for SPIROPLAN® gear units

Our SPIROPLAN® gear units of sizes W..10, W..20 and W..30 have undergone a turbo boost - in contrast to conventional boosters, however, it is permanent.

Activate the Turbo Boost now

Doping for worm gears

What happens if we take another look at our worm gears and use our GearOil? Exactly: up to 65% more torque.

Learn more about legal doping

The up to date program from SEW-EURODRIVE

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Available immediately.

Higher torque for gearboxes of the 7-series

Learn more.

Lubricants suitable for your gearbox

SEW GearOil:

Reduce wear, extend service life.

Learn more.


Turbo boost for the small SPIROPLAN® gear units

Learn more.

Lubricants suitable for your gearbox

Powerful worm gears

New worm gear units with more power

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Premium Sine Seal oil seal

Premium Sine Seal oil seal

A wave that seals

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Extended Warranty


January 2021

G..7 Gear units for hoists


March 2021




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Further technology upgrades to keep you up to date

  • Added value

    new forms of value creation through continuous innovation support
  • Maintaining and increasing value

    your existing investments through sustainable innovations
  • Decreasing total costs

    through systematic technology transfer from our development department - often without additional costs

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