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Reliable handling and transportation of baggage items

Airports where hundreds of airplanes take off and land around the clock require perfect planning and coordination – and the tailor-made drive technology to process thousands of passengers and their baggage securely, every day.

The growing focus on capacity and security issues, as well as shorter ground times, are presenting major challenges for the airport industry. Increasing competition among airports and stricter environmental regulations make the situation even more difficult.

All of this means that in the future, airport operators will be expected to be able to transport passengers and their baggage even more quickly and efficiently. One contributing factor will be the ability to keep airplane downtimes as short as possible.

This is why you should choose us as your experienced system solutions partner. Benefit from our experts' years of extensive knowledge of the complex procedures your processes involve.

Our daily activities all over the globe prove our ability to convert this know-how into efficient drive and automation solutions: for years now, drive technology “made by SEW‑EURODRIVE” has played a vital role in ensuring smooth transport and logistics procedures at a host of international airports, including Frankfurt, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Sydney.

You too can use our proven, versatile, drive technology application solutions to increase your efficiency and significantly cut the energy costs of your entire baggage processing system: from check-in and gentle transportation to sorting and reliable returns at the correct baggage claim point. You passengers will thank you for it!

Fully automatic luggage transport by Ahkera

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Ahkera is the first to develop a system that loads and unloads the ULDs and luggage cars fully automatically.

Fully automatic baggage handling

Ahkera is the first to develop a system that loads and unloads the ULDs and baggage cars fully automatically.


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Overview of the baggage handling process at airports

Overview of the baggage handling process 1








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