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Low space requirement
due to a slim and compact design.

Wide range of applications
thanks to 11 frame sizes (27 to 157) and numerous variants for very different requirements.

Always a powerful performance
even in reduced backlash design with output torques from 130 Nm to 20,000 Nm.

R series helical gear units
F series parallel-shaft helical gear units: perfectly matched to limited installation space.

One of our best gear units for limited installation space. A wide range of mounting positions and variants enable a broad spectrum of applications even under difficult installation conditions – without having to compromise on the performance. And what applies to many of our gear units: long operating lives without maintenance and wear-free gearing with a high fatigue strength.

With a high torque rating from 130 Nm to 20,000 Nm, our parallel-shaft helical gear units offer great performance in many conveying and processing applications.

You can choose from foot-, flange- or shaft-mounted options. For precise positioning tasks, our parallel-shaft helical gear units are available with reduced backlash.

Only half the solution without a motor? Then use our modular concept and combine the gear units of the F series with an AC motor to a F..DR.. parallel-shaft gearmotor, or with a servomotor to an F..CMP parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotor of your choice. Or simply choose the separate AC motor or servomotor that meets your requirements.

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  • Slim design for limited installation space
  • Also available with reduced backlash
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or flange-mounted
    • B5 or B14 flange-mounted
    • Solid shaft or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft, or TorqLOC®
F series / sizes 27 / 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97 / 107 / 127 / 157
Gear unit ratioi3.77 – 281.71
Double gear unit reduction ratioi87 – 31 434
Max. output torqueNm130 – 20 000*
Motor power range (Mounting via AM motor adapter)kW0.12 – 200

*Also with reduced backlash

  • Conveyor applications
  • Chain conveyors
  • Process applications
  • Presses
  • Extruders
  • Screw conveyors
  • Gantry cranes