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  • From planning, to startup and operation, to diagnostics and service
  • From software and controllers to inverters and drive technology
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Your benefits

Control any motor
using just one series of inverters

Functional safety included
from compact devices to modular multi-axis systems with single and double-axis modules

Rapid, straightforward commissioning
as the electronic rating plate supplies all the gear unit and motor data you need

MOVI-C® gets any application moving

Diversity centered around applications – that is what it's all about. The range includes gear units for standard and servo applications that come in different sizes and with different outputs, speeds, torques, designs and varied finishes, all combined with asynchronous or synchronous AC motors. Linear motors, electric cylinders, brakes, built-in encoders and diagnostic units provide the finishing touch for this wide-ranging portfolio. Naturally, the products have all the necessary worldwide approvals.

Automation delivered with decentralized drive technology

State-of-the-art drive engineering and automation technology – particularly power electronics – are increasingly melding into each other, with the result that wiring and installation work are eating up more and more time and money. Customers in the mechanical and plant engineering sector need to design machinery, systems and applications that require minimal outlay and materials but can be started up quickly and easily. In many applications and logistics and system concepts, integrated, decentralized drive engineering has the potential to reduce overall costs, which makes it a technically efficient alternative to centralized automation technology.

The MOVI-C® modular automation system offers special components for use in decentralized installations, applications and system topologies, such as the fully integrated mechatronic MOVIGEAR® performance drive system and the pairing of MOVIGEAR® classic with MOVIMOT® flexible electronics, which are installed close to the motor. What’s more, these systems already deliver an efficiency rating of IE5 (to IEC TS 60034-30-2) and boast unsurpassed overall system efficiency. As a result, they combine the advantages of decentralized installation with the benefits of the MOVI-C® modular automation system.

MOVIGEAR® keeps things moving in decentralized drive and automation technology

As a customer or user, do you think it's important that drive components for decentralized applications offer maximum standardization combined with optimum efficiency, modularity and flexibility? We are only too happy to meet those demands for you.

Allow us to present...

  • MOVIGEAR® performance, the mechatronic drive system with electronics integrated into the motor as standard and
  • MOVIGEAR® classic, the combination of mechatronic drive and MOVIMOT® flexible electronics, which are installed close to the motor

These compact, decentralized drives from the MOVI-C® modular automation system are the ideal partners for decentralized installations, machines, logistics scenarios, applications and system topologies. Moreover, they already comply with energy efficiency class IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2 and exhibit unrivaled IES2 overall system efficiency to IEC 61800-9-2.

The MOVI-C® modular automation system combines the advantages of a decentralized installation – namely, saving space and lowering costs – with the modularity and flexibility of our overall modular concept. The advantage for you is that you can get everything you need from one manufacturer.

Decentralized drives / mechatronic at a glance

MOVIGEAR® keeps things moving in decentralized drive and automation technology

MOVIGEAR® classic

  • integrated and compact design
  • Drive system with gear unit and permanent magnet- synchronous motor

MOVIGEAR® classic is available in three torque and four power classes:

  • MGF..1-DSM-C: torque class 100 Nm; up to 0.4 kW rated output
  • MGF..2-DSM-C: torque class 200 Nm; bis 0.9 kW rated output
  • MGF..4-DSM-C: torque class 400 Nm; bis 2.1 kW rated output
  • MGF..4/XT-DSM-C*: torque class 400 Nm mit extended continuous torque; up to 3 kW rated output

MOVIMOT® flexible

  • decentralized frequency inverter
  • for installing the electronics close to the motor

The decentralized inverter MOVIMOT® flexible (MMF..) is available with a nominal current from 2 - 5.5 A for asynchronous motors with a rated output from 0,55 – 2.2 kW.

MOVIGEAR® performance

  • fully integrated and compact design
  • permanent magnet synchronous motor, gear unit and electronic combined in one mechatronic drive solution

MOVIGEAR® performance is available in two sizes resp. three power classes:

  • MGF..2-xxxC torque class: 200 Nm, up to 0.8 kW rated output
  • MGF..4-xxxC torque class: 400 Nm, upt tp 1.5 kW rated output
  • MGF..4-xxxC/XT* torque class: 400 Nm mit extended continuous torque; up to 2.1 kW rated output
  • Communication/installation types:
    • DFC – Direct Fieldbus Control (PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP)
    • In Vorbereitung:
    • DFC – Direct Fieldbus Control (POWERLINK)DBC – Direct Binary Communication
    • DAC – Direct AS Interface Communication
    • DSI – Direct System Bus Control (EtherCAT®, SBusPLUS)
    • SNI – Single Line Network Installation

* in preparation

Always the right drive

The diversity in our modular system of drive technology is intentional, even necessary, and it will only continue to grow. This diversity gives you millions of possible combinations to use with your application. Regardless of your application, SEW-EURODRIVE always has the perfect drive solution to meet your specific requirements:

  • Standard and servo drives are available in different sizes and with different power ratings, torques, designs and surface properties
  • They can be combined with asynchronous or synchronous AC motors
  • Linear motors, electric cylinders, brakes, built-in encoders and diagnostic units round out the diverse product range
  • All globally applicable approvals are covered
  • And of course every drive is compatible with the new MOVI-C® modular automation system

MOVI-C® provides you with everything you need to design your machines and systems with freedom and flexibility, regardless of your industry.

Contact form Standorte/Kontakt weltweit NEW mechanical feature in our portfolio

The mechanical side of the range is being extended, with new elements available from 2018. The first is single-cable technology with a digital encoder for synchronous and asynchronous AC motors.

Thanks to this new solution, just one hybrid cable is required and installed for the data connection between the frequency inverter and electric motor. The second innovation is the new digital MOVILINK® DDI data interface, which sends performance, brake and diagnostic data to the motor.


You'll see that everything slots into place with us!

Five standard gear unit series:

  • One-, two- and three-stage helical gear units, R series: Output torque 50 – 18 000 Nm
  • Two- and three-stage parallel-shaft helical gear units, F series: Output torque 130 – 18 000 Nm
  • Two- and three-stage helical-bevel gear units, K series: Output torque 80 – 50 000 Nm
  • Two-stage helical-worm gear units, S series: Output torque 92 – 4000 Nm
  • One- and two-stage right-angle gear units, W series: Output torque 25 – 180 Nm
  • With a few exceptions, the standard gear units are also available as double gear units

Two servo gear unit series:

  • Low-backlash planetary servo gear units from the PS.F series: Rated torques 25 – 3000 Nm
  • PS.C: Rated torques 30 – 320 Nm
  • Low-backlash helical-bevel servo gear units from the BS.F series: Rated torques 40 – 1200 Nm
  • DR.. and DT56 series AC motors (1 speed), 2-, 4- and 6-pole


  • Multi-speed DR.. series AC motors (2 speeds):

These cover outputs from 0.09 to 225 kW and satisfy energy efficiency classes from IE1 to IE4

Also available: Torque motors, single-phase motors, aseptic motors and motors with explosion protection

  • Synchronous and asynchronous servomotors for highly dynamic requirements, also available with explosion protection
  • And linear motors and electric cylinders round out the modular motor system.

Combined with a wide range of brakes, encoders, plug connectors, forced cooling fans, special coatings and surface treatments, the modular system has the ideal drive for your application.